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Hi! I’m Jenn Zingmark

I am a Christian woman, wife and mother of five children and Gigi to one precious grandson. I have a BS in Psychology with a minor in Family Science as well as Communications and I have always been fascinated with human behavior and the beauty and strength of the human Spirit, especially those brave Souls that manage to attain Faith in God and Hope for a Beautiful Future after enduring unimaginable pain and misery in life. 

After eleven years of faithfully loving and supporting my spouse through pornography addiction and extramarital affairs, I found myself divorced with three young children at thirty years old. It was a devastating experience. But ultimately became a pivotal point in my life. I had devoted my life to my Faith and Family and wasn't about to give up then! I strengthened my spiritual roots, deepened my Faith in God and began to deliberately design the life I wanted for my future. 

I was able to find a wonderful, faithful, loving husband and get remarried. We had a baby together and have since raised our beautiful blended family of five children. There were plenty of struggles along the way! We dealt with ALL of the usual trials that come with divorce: child support issues, ex-spouses, legal battles, blended families, etc. It wasn’t easy, but IS possible! It has become my mission and ministry to help others dealing with divorce. I have learned tools as a Certified Life Coach through the Life Coach School with Brooke Castillo that have changed my life. Now I use these tools to coach my clients to overcome their struggles and find Hope, Healing, and Happiness no matter what their circumstances are.


The tools that I learned through coaching and now teach to others, have helped me gain my confidence and enjoy my life again! It helped me love my children and my husband exactly the way they are and create a business where I get to help other people do the same. I have a greater understanding of God’s plan for His children and why agency is the greatest gift we have.

Today I have the honor of helping men and women through the most challenging times in their lives to find a Path to Peace while achieving the results they desire in all areas of their life. We work together to improve their relationships, confidence, physical, mental and emotional health and find hope and happiness.  

I know that all of my life experiences and education have prepared me to do this work. It’s life changing!

I can help you find Joy in your Journey and create the life you dream of!

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