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You're Just One
Decision Away From

Changing Your Life

Like you, I’ve been through divorce. I’ve navigated the difficult route you’re now traveling on. I work with Faith Filled men and women maneuvering the challenges of life while dealing with divorce in any stage… I fully relate to your desire to remain faithful to God and fulfill His plan for your life when YOUR plans have failed!

I’ve got you!


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Family Dispute


When divorce happens, a family is separated with the children dividing their time between parents. The roles and responsibilities of each parent are shifted in some way. Being a parent is one of the most important roles you will ever have. It’s difficult to show up as the best version of yourself when you’re dealing with the trauma and trials of divorce. You've been given a set of circumstances to navigate through and I know the path to get you to Hope, Healing and Happiness no matter what or where you find yourself in life. I'll show you, guide you, and coach you. You matter!

You are not broken. Life happens and the solution is more fixable than you think. You are a human living a human life. You're just not meant to go it alone. You'll soar when you have the help of a personal coach to guide and support you on your way to living your best life. This is 100% fixable. If you are ready to finally make lasting change, let's talk about one-on-one coaching and get started to go from where you are and bridge the gap to where you want to be!

There is nothing wrong with you

➤ I work with Anyone who is ready to take the next step to live their life on purpose despite the unexpected challenges of Divorce who want to be empowered to find peace now and build an amazing future. 

➤ I work with Anyone who's heart says not to waste any more time on figuring things out on their own because time is more valuable than money and your life is way worth the investment.

➤ I work with Anyone who may have fear and doubt but have trust enough to answer their God-given desire for Hope, Healing and Happiness after Divorce.

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How  My  Coaching Works

  • You'll work directly with me with total focus on you. You'll have my full attention on your mind, heart, and spirit - YOUR life.

  • You'll be listened to with complete love in a judgment-free zone with complete confidentiality.​

  • I coach a limited number of 1:1 clients as well as group coaching opportunities.


  • I work with Anyone ready to commit to themselves, ready to show up to work for their dreams, and ready to make the brave decision to go all-in on Yourself because your life is totally worth it. 

One decision can have a Massive Impact on your life. Decide if this could be right for you.

Click below to sign up for a FREE 50-minute mini-session.


I will help you find a Path to Peace while achieving the results you desire in ALL areas of your life. We work together to improve your relationships, confidence, physical, mental and emotional health. I’ll show you why this is absolutely possible for you. You’ll walk away knowing that there is a way for you to have the Hope and Happiness you want and deserve.

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