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Faith Filled Divorce is the place to Deepen your Faith, Heal, Connect with other Saints dealing with Divorce, and Learn Tools and Skills to use to overcome the Challenges of Divorce to help you grow Better!

You will Learn How to: 

  • Successfully Manage life During and after Divorce 

  • Grow closer to God during your Divorce Journey 

  • Heal from Divorce Pain caused by Rejection, Betrayal, Abandonment, Raising Children Alone, Staying Faithful to the Gospel Alone, Going to Church Alone, Telling others about your Situation, and More! 

  • Learn how to have Peace & Happiness now and Build the Life, New Relationships, and Family you WANT to have in the Future

I created an Exclusive Step by Step Process to Guarantee you Find more Joy in your Your Divorce Journey! I created The HOPE Formula- My 4 step program to take you from Heartbroken to full of Hope, Healing and Happiness.

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My goal is to help as many people as possible in their Divorce Journeys. I understand that Divorce is a Difficult time Emotionally, but it also causes Financial Strain. That's why I designed the Faith Filled Divorce Program to give you ALL the Tools, Skills and Support you need at an Affordable Price.

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Savings of $100 per year vs. the monthly membership

  • Annual Membership Bonus: ONE PRIVATE COACHING SESSION
  • Successfully Manage life During and after Divorce
  • Grow closer to God during your Divorce Journey
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$500 First Month

  • $500 First Month then $100 per Month
  • ALL the same Tools, Skills and Support you need
  • Learn how to have Peace & Happiness Now
  • Heal from your Divorce Pain

How does it work?

In Faith Filled Divorce, I will teach you my step by step process in THE HOPE Formula. Each week you will get a New Lesson Video designed to teach you a Specific Tool or Strategy and Worksheets to help you to Practice and Apply the Tools you Learn to Your Situation, so you can Process Everything You’re Going Through, and so you can Change and Move Forward Confidently!

You will also have LIVE Group coaching calls with ME every week!  You'll have the opportunity to receive Coaching yourself or Listen and Learn from Real-Life situations shared by others.

In my Exclusive Life Coaching program you'll get the Support, Tools, and Encouragement you need to Create the Joy-Filled Life you Dream Of! Come see for yourself and join me in Faith Filled Divorce!

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